First Compost Bins in St. Michael’s

In August, Compost Works chose St Michael’s as the first site in Liverpool to install three compost bins. It began with residents signing up to help reduce how much of their food waste is sent to landfill or incinerated by composting it instead. With three bins now full, it means the waste can be composted before being used in local gardens or the nearby allotments. A fourth bin has now been installed due to the schemes success!
nicholson studio - compost works bins As local Compost Champion, I work alongside Compost Works to ensure they receive a good turn regularly. As a result, this helps faster composting by encouraging the food waste to break down more quickly. You can see the progress of bins 1, 2 and 3 below which were installed in August, November and January. nicholson studio - compost works progress   My interest in food waste started during my MArch design thesis for a food based educational centre. The design focussed on building a healthy relationship with food and its production through a visitor centre/food production facility. A circular economy of waste reuse was integral to the entire design. Some images of the project can be seen below or you can find out more by getting in touch here. To learn more about the great work Compost Works do, click here.
Proposed Floorplan
Inside the Polytunnel
Background Info and Sections

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